Is it possible to write under alcolic state?

    I'm a bit drunk tonight... What a good evening! Good friends, good wine, good food!

    Today for the saint'friday, i went to Adele's school to eat a part of rice. I went out hungry. So i had to wait for diner. Tartiflette....

    Rhum, tartiflette and wine... tomorow will be an other day, a bit harder!!, a bit difficult..........

    Alcohol solves. Alcohol deletes. "l'alcool ne résoud rien, le laid et l'eau non plus"!! So let's have fun, have a drink, and be cool, happy, stop worry about past, enjoy the present, ..............

    The present is a gift.

    As we are on saturday, tomorow is sunday: hunting eggs day!

    If you speak english you can also come to hunt the eggs! Alert me, give a drink, and i'll be able to translate all the rules of the game!

    Please don't forgedt 4 euros, to subscribe... we have nott enought teams to be generous.....

    The more you drink, the easier you speak!!! it's just because as you are drunk, you don't ear, or listen to your own mistakes.....

    i know a g............

    who's like the sea,


    I thought i gonna gerbe, but finaly i won't!!! How strong i am! a real man! ppppppppppppffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Alcohol deletes. Alcohol deletes even the brain.............

    It's time to sleep. It's time to travel to dreamland. It's time to hope to cross gentle gosts............. Life is cruel but life worth so much than death!!!!

    Good night everybody. Sleep well, have fun for the easter week-end!!


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    Samedi 3 Avril 2010 à 23:22
    Good !!!
    Reading after a good and long "apéro " : very good !!! I love ! Good hunting eggs ! kiss ...
    Lundi 5 Avril 2010 à 18:21
    Too much drinking is good for your English ! But I prefer when you're written in French without drinking a lot !!!! The next time I hope you will improve your German ... think to your future holidays in Switherland !!!! So you will need so much glasses to speak ... try to find others good friends for a good evening ! And come back here for the German version ! Note : forget beer it is not enough !
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